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Hi Beautiful!

Let me guess… You’re here because you are aching for deeper connection. And I want to help you create that.

You are searching for that relationship – the one that eclipses all others by its depth, love and its profound impact on your life…

But you continue to attract toxic relationships with people who are unavailable, not ready to commit, or simply not a good match for you.

You want to find your soulmate, the person you can build a life together with…

but you feel as if your life is on hold until you do. 


Hi! I’m Lena.

I’m a conscious dating coach, feminine embodiment teacher & heart-centred writer.  

I support women to reclaim their sovereignty, own their brilliance, beauty and sensuality and access deeper states of connection within themselves, so they can attract and build blissful relationships on their own terms.

It’s my mission to change the story of modern dating from being the ‘game’ that needs to be ‘won’ to a journey of self-discovery.

Because I believe that the real work of relationships is the inner work & it is from this place of deep knowing, love and acceptance of ourselves that we naturally become a magnet for our soulmate.

That’s right – dating doesn’t have to be hard work! 

And actually, in my opinion, it can be one of the most luscious and liberating stages of our lives IF we can learn to tune out of what everyone else has and wants, and back into what WE deeply desire.

‘When you change the way you see being single, see how being single will change’


I also believe in

  • Depth before action. Flow before go.

  • Giving ourselves permission to feel everything (because we don’t do this enough).

  • Deep, soulful connections.

  • The power of a good story (and the courage it takes to tell it).

  • Bringing ALL of ourselves to the table.

  • Accepting and loving our contradictions, owning our vulnerability and relishing our imperfect humanness

  • Love is not a feeling, but a practice that requires us to continuously show up for it. 

Because the fuller we allow ourselves to be expressed, the closer to finding our soulmate we become.

And it is your birthright to feel loved, beautiful and turned on by life – whatever your relationship status is.

So, what brings me HERE?

// I grew up wanting to do big things for the world. I was the ambitious, slightly (ok, very) anxious overachiever who completely identified with my success, intelligence and independence. And although I was being praised and commended for how much I had my shit together on the outside, I had zero to no confidence when it came to men and relationships.

I desperately wanted to fall in love. While all my friends started getting into ‘serious’ relationships, I was still stuck being single wondering – WTF was wrong with me? 

The men I did like were never ready to commit & the men who liked me didn’t have the ‘spark’ I was looking for.

Then, when I connected with an old crush, we quickly got comfortable and created something worth writing home about. 

But it didn’t matter what he told me, how we spent our time together, or how great he was. My own doubts about whether I was ‘in’ love with him continued to creep in.  

I became obsessed with how my relationship compared to others. And because I couldn’t find anything ‘wrong’ with him or the relationship on the surface, I pushed down my thoughts and feelings and I chose to stay in the relationship because I didn’t have good enough reason to end it. 

// Fast forward two years

Despite being on the verge of ending the relationship multiple times we decided to move in together. And although it was ticking a few boxes, bubbling up beneath the surface was the persistent knowing that something wasn’t right. Something was missing from our relationship.

Hands down, the hardest thing I have ever done was to have the conversation which ended the relationship. And while I will always be grateful for him, our connection and the love and memories we shared together, I sincerely believe that if I knew what I know now, we might have made it work.

Here is what I know to be true…

Who I attract is not a reflection of what I deserve, but what I believe I deserve. 

Relationships are mirrors to our unconscious, to who we wish were and who we hope we are not. 

Quickly following the break up, I churned through a number of short-term relationships, chased after men who were never going to commit to me and filled my calendar with Tinder dates to avoid being alone. 

Underneath a mask of false confidence, I doubted whether I would ever have this magical, blissful relationship. Because the truth is - I was crippled by fear at the thought of deep intimacy. Because this meant there was a lot to lose.

In all the inner work I have done regarding my relationships over the years, the one belief that I had the most resistance to was the one I now whole-heartedly believe in.

When we embody the qualities we desire in a partner, and in a relationship; they WILL show up. 

We can CHOOSE who we are attracted to. 

While it might be ‘fate’ that brings you together, fate won’t help you to stay together.

No one can make us feel something which we don’t already feel about ourselves, because WE set the bar for the love we deserve. 

When we become aware of why we are attracted to particular ‘types’ of people, we can start consciously choosing what it is that we actually want and need.

What we resist, persists. 

Wherever we are in any moment is exactly where we need to be. 

Boredom with being single is simply another way we resist being with our pain of loneliness in the present moment. 

The less we resist feeling our longing and pain of not being in a relationship, the more magnetic we become to people who are right for us.

And the more we can lean into, and love this stage of our life the more full we will feel on our own.

I started doing this work not because I have all the answers, but because I know what it feels like to have my confidence consistently knocked by men who were never able to give me what I needed and wanted.

Because I WISH I had someone who could lovingly pierce through my bullshit and point out what I was unable (or unwilling) to see – that these men didn’t love me. They never were going to love me. What I wanted mattered, I just needed to own it.

Love is your birthright. You deserve to feel loved, liberated and fully alive whether you are flying solo or in a committed relationship. 

Which is why it is my mission to change the story of dating from being a game (where the prize is a wedding and a husband) to being a journey of self-discovery. And I believe it is from this place, being in our sovereign and sensual single-hood, which will lead us to create the relationship of our dreams.

Just a couple of other things … 

  • If you’ve visited my Instagram, Facebook or website to get a quick fix of #inspo to distract yourself from what’s really going on in your life, then…I may not be your woman. And this mightn’t be the space for you.

  • But if you're here to take a look in the mirror and claim back a little of that power you've been giving away, then this is just the space for you.

When I’m not coaching + writing, there’s a good chance you’ll find me:

  • Walking with my toes squelching in the sand and my heart to the sun in my favourite place in the world (the beach) playing with all the dogs

  • Getting my daily dose of pleasure filled movement + beautiful stillness

  • Curling up with a good book + a hot cup of cacao

  • Running, waltzing, dancing and giggling with friends alongside the beautiful coastline I get to call HOME in Perth, Western Australia 

  • Giggling hysterically, crying uncontrollably and cuddling up with my girlfriends

  • Building and embodying my other mission (you can read more about my professional qualifications here, and my other mission here)

You don’t need permission to start owning your brilliance, beauty, and feminine magnetism as a woman (but if you do, consider this it).

As an embodied dating and relationship coach, I’ve repurposed my pain and woven the best of what I’ve learned along the way into an offering that is deeply healing, fulfilling and powerful. For both of us.

Because you are so, SO worthy of all that you desire.

Ready to get started?