Video: How to create sexual energy

In this video I demonstrate how to conduct sexual energy in your body. This practice helps me connect to my body in a very simple way, and since making it a daily practice I have noticed I am able to hold sexual energy more fully in my body. As a result,

I feel more energetic, creative and feminine

I don’t ‘leak’ or ‘throw’ my sexual energy at others in unhealthy ways, or use it to get attention from men

I have more love and respect for myself, which is reflected in the friendships and relationships in my life.

There is so much taboo around sex and sexual energy but when we can learn to hold it in our body it has the most incredible creative potential.

Step 1 

Taking some deep breaths in and out of the nose, really breathing into your belly. As you inhale, move the breath up the spine, suspend at the top, and as you exhale, relax your whole body including your neck, face and jaw where we tend to hold a lot of tension.

Step 2

Once you get in a rhythm with this, contract your PC muscles (between your balls/vagina and anus) as you inhale, and release on the exhale.

Step 3

Start to move your hips backwards and forwards, or in circles. Put on some sensual music to get you in the mood and bring some conscious touch to different parts of your body, anything which feels good. Experiment with different pressures, areas and as you exhale, bring some sound in too.

Do this for a minimum of 5 minutes, or one song. 

I hope you found this helpful! If you are wanting more guidance on this, I recorded another video on deepening sexual connection in monogamous relationships.

Women in Perth! I am running a six-week women’s course where we will be exploring sexuality, boundaries and consent in addition to a number of other topics relevant to the realm of conscious relating.