For single and coupled up women looking to create deeper connection in their relationships


Are you are craving deeper connection on your dates or in your relationship?

Do you find yourself looking for 'the one' or wondering when they are going to show up?

Are you ready to define a new model for relationships which serves your truest desires for intimacy, love and connection?

During this six week course, we will be journeying deep with our beliefs about love, attraction and relationships to move from codependency and shallow attraction towards deeper, intimate connection alone or with a beloved.  

This course is for any woman, single or in a relationship, who

  • Wants to feel empowered, confident and content within themselves

  • Is curious about exploring the different textures of their feminine energy 

  • Wants to know how to bring out the best in their partner

  • Is curious about love, attraction and relationship dynamics

  • Desires a deeper connection with their own body 

  • Wants to know how to build sexual energy & expand their pleasure solo or in communion with another 

Week One - Attachment and Attraction

Sexual attraction has been studied by scientists, but ‘chemistry’ isn't easily understood when in the midst of it. This week we will be de-mystifying love and attraction, uncovering our limiting beliefs about love and relationships and exploring who we are attracted to and why.

Week Two - Reflection and Conscious Communication

Relationships often become the battleground for our own unconscious projections. However, when we can learn to reflect, rather than deflect what our partner tells or shows us, it can bring us into a deeper understanding and acceptance not just for ourselves but others around us. This week we will be covering the common ways we deflect, how to see our reflection in others, and practicing conscious communication and intuitive listening.

Week Three - Working with Masculine and Feminine Energy

Many women believe the key to attracting a partner is activating their feminine - but this is only partly true. This week we will reprogramming our beliefs about men and the masculine, exploring the unique qualities of our own masculine and feminine energies and share practical tips for calling on these different energies in our everyday lives. 

Week Four - Love and Sacred Sexuality

Learning how to create and move sexual energy in my own body has been a game-changer for me. When I realised I always had access to this, with or without a partner, sexual energy became a way to heal my relationship with myself, as well as a powerful tool for manifesting what I most desire in my relationships, career and life more broadly. This week we will be covering the key to creating sexual chemistry (alone or with a partner), how to move sexual energy in your own body and discovering your unique sexual essence.

Week Five - Boundaries, Consent and Self-Responsibility 

When we learn how to navigate our edge, understand consent and create healthy boundaries, relationships can be our biggest opportunities for personal growth and connection. This week we will be learning the art of self-responsibility, exploring how to set boundaries from a place of authentic, feminine power and learning my fail-proof formula for creating soulful agreements in relationships both intimate and platonic.

Week Six - The Path to Inner Union

In our final week, you will take part in a sacred ceremony where we will define the primary purpose of our relationship and make a commitment to walking the path of inner union and being our own best lover.


  • Comprehensive workbook with teachings, self practices, take home exercises and journaling prompts

  • Embodiment practices and intuitive techniques

  • Raw, vegan, gluten free treats + herbal tea

  • A free gift from me

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook community

Spots will be limited to 12 women to maintain intimacy and connection between participants.   


Location: Perth, WA (Venue TBC)

Time: 6.30 - 9.30pm

Dates: Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings from January - February 2019


Early Bird - $298 (Available until Sunday 5 January)

Full Price - $369

To secure your spot, a $100 deposit is due by 12 January 2019. Payment plans are also available.

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