It is an absolute honour to support people in their vulnerability, helping them navigating the ups and downs of relationships and shift unconscious beliefs about love and intimacy.

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“I met Lena during a time of my life where I needed direction and support in getting over a heavy breakup and the things in life that go with it. What I quickly learned was that Lena had a depth of knowledge and understanding that quickly put me at ease in the vulnerability of a coaching session that is about the most important aspect of my life.

The transformation of myself in the 6 sessions was epic!! Honestly, by the last session I had a date lined up, my life had an overall buzz about it both in my private and business life which is probably how the new attraction was created.

Lena’s coaching not only helped me find my foundation and feel empowered to date but to know what I wanted in my new prospective partner which feels amazing. I strongly recommend you invest in your personal life, your relationships and feel your confidence, self-esteem and life’s potential grow. Thankyou Lena!”



“When I first signed up for coaching with Lena, I was feeling lost, stuck in a bit of a rut, still completely in love with my ex and friendless. During our coaching sessions I felt heard and seen with absolutely zero judgement, which is sometimes hard to get from your friends who have known you for a long time.

Lena was able to provide an objective opinion and interpretation of the problems I was coming to her with, and action steps to help me work through them on my own. Since working with Lena, I feel so much more certain in myself, and though I may be alone I feel less lonely and excited for the future. It was genuinely amazing to share this experience with Lena, and I feel like I’m really starting to get some good foundations for myself. 

Lena is such a great support for women and incredibly understanding of the things we go through and need help unpacking. To anyone thinking about working with her, all I would say is DO IT!” 


“Lena is an incredible soul. She shares her knowledge from a place of pure authenticity. With an amazing passion for what she is teaching, she truly understands where you are coming from and what you need. Her commitment to what she does and embodiment of all the principles that she teaches allows her to inspire, guide and heal you in incredible ways. I am forever grateful for the impact she has had on my life and the healing she has sparked within me. Thank you!”


“When I first started working with Lena, I was skeptical of checking in with my body and trusting what it had to say. Over time, as I began to think about and apply this concept to my everyday life I began to see a change in how I was interacting with the world around me.

Now I am happier and a lot more understanding towards other people in my life as I now understand where my emotions are stemming from and how I wish to respond to them. I have also found that I am more fulfilled with the relationships that I have in my life and yes, I have found myself in a loving and rewarding relationship with a man!

I love how open Lena is with her own heart. She brings her personal lessons to everything thing she does. She understands how it feels to not have everything worked out and that everything in life happens to help you understand yourself in a new light. I would definitely recommend Lena as someone who can help you bring this understanding and acceptance into your life.”