Lena Mackey is a conscious dating coach and feminine embodiment teacher who empowers women to discover their unique feminine energy and become irresistible to men so they can find their soulmate. Her embodied approach to dating and relationships works with the body to look at the underlying emotional reasons blocking her clients from creating the deep, blissful and expansive relationships. You can read more about her impact illustrated by some of the glowing testimonials she has received from past clients.

She believes the real work of relationships is the inner work & it is from this place of deep knowing, love and acceptance of ourselves, that we naturally become a magnet for our soulmate. Through her private coaching, Lena guides single women into depth, love and freedom so they can come home to who they truly are and naturally attract quality men. 

Weaving her feminine embodiment coaching certification and studies of the tantric arts, Lena offers women the practical, emotional, and spiritual tools they need to get clear on what they want so they can attract their dream relationship. With an Honours Degree in Anthropology and Sociology, she also offers a theoretical, systems based approach to relationships to help her clients understand the impact of their social conditioning on their thoughts, beliefs and subsequent actions. 

Lena’s other passion is working on projects which advance the understanding of Aboriginal culture in 21st Century Australia. With her background in Anthropology and Sociology, part of her wider mission is to create spaces where Aboriginal spirituality and culture is respected and valued and co-create a national identity which is inclusive of all Australians. Lena believes that white Australia cannot solve the problems it is facing without first acknowledging its colonial history and developing a deep respect for Aboriginal spirituality and culture. 
Connect with Lena in her Sensual,Sovereign and Single Facebook Group and on Instagram @__lenamackey__.