Hi Beautiful, I’m so glad you’re here.


Are you aching for that deep, intimate connection in a romantic relationship? 

Do you want to stop hustling for dates on Tinder and start becoming magnetic to people who are perfect for you?

Are you sick of the dating ‘game’ and ready to find your soulmate?  

Do you have a feeling there is something deeper at play here as to why you can’t find him — but you just can’t quite figure it out?

I’ve got good news for you!


You don’t have to wait for them to magically appear on your door step (or on your phone screen).

There is no such thing as ‘the one’.

And YOU are in control of attracting the right man into your life.

Forget Cinderella – if you’re ready to step into your sensual sovereignty and start becoming the magnetic, radiant woman that every man and woman wants to be with – then read on.

Just imagine for a moment that…

Instead of feeling the pain of rejection, loneliness or desperation you experienced something completely different?

Dating was easy, fun and filled with possibilities?

You become so magnetic and irresistible that people are intensely drawn to you everywhere you go?

Incredible, quality partners became so infatuated and drawn to you they couldn't wait to commit to you?

You knew how to connect with the most closed of hearts, so they only have eyes for you? 

You knew exactly how to inspire them to give you deep love, affection and life time commitment?


That’s exactly what I can help you with.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about how I got here…

Growing up, I was completely identified with my success, intelligence and independence. I studied hard, worked hard and played catch up with my social life on the weekend.

But in my early twenties, when my friends started partnering off into ‘serious’ relationships I started to feel like something was missing. 

I desperately wanted to fall in love.

But the men I liked were never ‘ready’ for a relationship, and I always seemed to find excuses not to date the men who liked me…

It wasn’t until I started investing time, energy and money into deeply understanding myself, letting go of my beliefs about love, men and relationships, and becoming confident in what I bring to a relationship that things really started to shift.

  • I began to appreciate and love all of myself

  • I started owning all the gifts I was already bringing to my relationships.

  • I stopped hiding behind my phone and started meeting people doing the things I already loved to do

  • I took notice of how men made me feel, not just how hot they were, or which boxes they ticked on my mental ‘checklist’

  • I got crystal clear on my dream relationship

  • I developed complete trust that the right man would enter my life when I was ready - and began to have fun being single!

Fast forward two years, and I’m on a mission to help women to understand and see that being single is not a failure. 

That dating is not a waiting game, but a sacred time to understand who we truly are, so we can attract our soulmate (not just ‘have a relationship’).

As conscious dating and relationship coach, feminine embodiment teacher and woman who has been exactly where you are, I now support single women to own their brilliance, beauty and sensuality so they can attract, deep, loving and  blissful relationships on their own terms (you can find out more about my professional qualifications here).


The biggest mistake I see smart, attractive, successful women making when it comes to finding love is not understanding what they are looking for... 

Because guess what?

Your greatest assets actually have nothing to do with your ass, your achievements or how good you are in the sack. 

The key to creating deep connection with a beloved has always been YOU, and the way they feel when they are with you.

And when you learn to embody the qualities you want in a relationship, ignite your unique feminine energy and own your brilliance, you will naturally inspire them to want to commit to you.


That’s why I created the

Soulmate Discovery Coaching Program

So you can finally end the dating drama and become magnetic and irresistible to your soulmate.

Over four months together, I will support you to:

  • Create a crystal-clear vision for what you deeply desire in a relationship, so you only focus on actions that attract this into your reality

  • Identify the core reasons why you are attracting people who aren't right for you, so you can magnetise your dream relationship

  • Unpack, liberate and heal core wounding, limiting beliefs, fears, old stories and negative self-talk, so you can uncover what is blocking you from finding the love you're dreaming of and start naturally allowing beautiful relationships into your life

  • Cultivate a strong connection to your sensuality, sexuality and feminine power, so you become irresistible to partners who are perfect for you

  • Feel empowered, fulfilled and confident being yourself all the time, including when you go on


  • Develop a deep understanding of masculine and feminine energies, relationship dynamics and sexual polarity, so you can bring out the best in the people you date and create a solid foundation for your relationship together

  • Master your communication so you can confidently ask for what you want, need and desire from the men and women you are dating

  • Activate your unique feminine essence and rewrite your story of what you deserve in relationships so you can embody MORE of who you are

Using my signature four pillars of conscious dating, this program will take you through…..


Become aware of the deeper reasons why you’ve been attracting the wrong partners, so you can stop wasting time dating people who can’t give you what you want


Accept, heal and let go of past relationships so you can transform into the magnetic, loving women who attracts high quality partners left, right and centre

Application of Embodiment

Activate your unique feminine essence so you become a magnet for the relationship of your dreams.


Take your future into your own hands by actively creating the vision of your dream relationship so you only focus on exactly what you most desire & learn to bring it into your life.

Because when you start to own your gifts, embody the sovereign and sensual woman you are and see that love, freedom and pleasure is your birthright

You’ll naturally become irresistible to partners who are perfect for you.


Here’s what’s included: 

  • A comprehensive pre-start questionnaire, so you can start transforming your thinking around dating before we even start

  • Eight powerful coaching calls (fortnightly) where you will be lovingly guided into your body, so you can ignite your feminine energy and become magnetic to quality relationships 

  • Loving guidance and practical support tailored specifically to you, so you can start shedding old beliefs which no longer serve you and attract your dream relationship

  • Customised self-inquiry practices and embodiment tools, so you can integrate what you learn between sessions and continue to enhance your magnetism and confidence with dating

  • Four months of UNLIMITED 1:1 access to me between sessions via email and Facebook messenger, so you are supported and celebrated every step of the way

  • Access to all my knowledge and training through step-by-step guides, resources and playlists, so you can amplify your transformation and create your own unique toolkit of strategies and practices for ongoing growth

 Before we go further, you should probably know

  • If you’re here to get your quick fix of inspiration, to distract yourself from what’s going on in your life then… I may not be your woman. And this mightn’t be the space for you.

  • But if you're here to take a look in the mirror and claim back that power you've been giving then get settled in here because this is just the space for you.

  • I’ll invite you to question everything you know about love, men and relationships. But it will be up to you to find your own answers

  • When we work together, I’ll be encouraging you to go deep. Its just the way I roll.

  • I’m not here to fix you. But I will guide you to pay attention to the subtleties of your body and surrender to what she tells you. 

  • And while it won’t always be comfortable – I promise you, it will be worth it.


 This program is for the woman who is

  • Drained by the barrage of scrolling online dating profiles and going on shallow dates 

  • Sick of settling crumbs, and ready to step into her sovereignty as a single woman

  • Slays it at the office, but also knows that a relationship, and perhaps eventually a family is also important to her 

  • Exhausted of putting her life hold and waiting for the right relationship so she can start feeling loved

What my clients have said…

I am here to help you see what I, and all those around you see..

that you are worthy of the deep love, commitment and connection you are craving RIGHT NOW.

Because sometimes all you need a loving nudge and some heart-felt guidance and support from someone who knows what you’re going through to come back home to yourself.

After many years of settling for crumbs, putting up with poor behaviour, feeling lonely and being lost as to why I couldn’t find any ‘good’ men…

I’ve made it my mission to support single women just like you to reclaim their sovereignty, own their gifts and tap into their feminine energy so they can attract deeply fulfilling, connected relationships on their own terms.

I know you’re ready - otherwise you wouldn’t be here. 

Let me support you to end your dating drama once and for all, so you can become a magnet for your dream relationship.

Book in your FREE ‘Find Your Soulmate’ Call here, or get in touch to find out more about how we can work together.