The subtle difference between entitlement and knowing we deserve more


Entitlement is fear shrouded in arrogance, which comes from the ego. It attaches to the idea that we need more, and somatically we feel anxious, that something ‘bad’ will happen if I don’t get what I want. 

Knowing you deserve more is softer and more subtle. If entitlement is your ego screaming like a child wanting more, this inner knowing is your mother, your grandmother or your heart reminding you of what you already know in your body.

If ever you have found yourself thinking "I deserve his full attention" or "I deserve a spiritual man" whatever it is - when we feel entitled in relationships, we can make unfounded assumptions that this person isn’t good enough for us anymore. Or alternatively, we stay and make demands that they change to match our (usually exceedingly high) expectations.

Sometimes entitlement is the easiest option because it allows us to put up our walls and act superior. But underneath this, it is fear that is running the show.

When we know we deserve more, we don’t need to demand what we want because we are already receiving it. This feeling is grounded in our bodies,  and we vibrationally send energetic signals to those around us that we deserve everything we are getting, and more.

If you think you’re feeling entitled to more in your relationships, ask yourself these questions:

1. What do I feel I deserve but I am not getting?

2. Is this need/desire coming from my head or my heart?

3. How do others respond to me when I tell them what I need and want? Do they respond with understanding and loving kindness, or do they dismiss me, belittle me, or disappoint me?

4. How can I start to provide this for myself?

Entitlement is just fear that you don’t deserve what you want or need. By providing yourself with what you need you start to embody worthiness, and will attract people and relationships into your life that vibrationally match your sense of worthiness.