How to start dating again (when its been a while)

In this video share my tips for those of you starting to date again when there is some fear and resistance to getting back out there. 

Spend time dating yourself 

And by this I mean literally take yourself out for date. Where are your favourite places? Where would you want to go with your partner, or where would you like to be taken? 

My favourite local places to hang out are cafes, art galleries, or simply walking or hiking in nature. Or perhaps you’re fantasizing about a holiday and how beautiful it would be to experience it with a beloved. For this, that magical place was Greece, which I went in 2018. Anywhere I have some space to think, journal, or read a book in public while being alone helps me to feel less alone, as well as gets me used to being with my own company (an essential asset for creating an interdependent relationship).   

Tinder is not the only place to where you will meet them – people are everywhere, and so you can really meet them anywhere

Make your desire for relationship a priority

No one else can tell you what's important. Many of us who grew up learning about the feminist movement have been led to believe it is weak or futile to want a relationship, and that a career is more important. And yes, these things are important (to some people) but there is absolutely no shame in making love and relationships a priority. Sign up for that dating website, let your friends set you up and go out on dates. Spend time getting ready and getting in the mood for a date, and give the other person the space and attention that you would want.

Going into a date with an open mind and leaving your expectations at the door can help you to be fully present with whomever in front of in front of you. They might not look exactly like the image you conjured up of them in your head. They might not be your type. They might not be forever. See them, and allow them to see you for however long you are together for.

Know what you want – and don’t settle for less.

Get clear about the primary purpose of your relationship, what qualities that partner would have and then who youneed to be in order to create that relationship. I've created a journaling guide specifically on this which you can download for free

 Manage your expectations 

If you're new to dating, or it has been a while since your last date, then keep in mind that not every person is going to be a match for you. Get curious about your attraction and what this person can show you, and let it play out naturally. 

I hope video helps you single girls and guys out there who are looking for a relationship, and if there's anything else you want me to talk on in the next video please feel free to get in touch with me or comment below!