Falling in Love with Potential


How you might be sabotaging your search for love

It usually rolls like this - we meet someone and they're PERFECT. We love how we feel around them, they tick all our metaphorical boxes and we think this person might be the elusive ‘one’. But then, we start to feel like they're not as attractive to us anymore. We start to nit pick and notice that their flaws. This video explores why this happens, and what we can do to manage this when it inevitably comes up in your relationships.


Are you ready to sleep with them?

The truth is that no one can tell you when you're ready - only you can know. Forget all the rules you have heard, or perhaps created (and then broken) in the past. All of it. 

But when we tune into our bodies, we know. This video explores how I check in with my body before I decide whether I am ready to sleep with someone.


Why we attract people who aren’t good for us