What would it look like to choose YOU?


If you made the conscious choice to put yourself first, what would that look like?

If I chose you, I would choose to love.

I would follow my heart and **INSERT DREAM**

I would choose to chase that lover around the world

I would choose to slow down my weekends

strolls at farmers markets, slow cooked lentils and afternoon naps and cat snuggles


I would choose that piece of cake

And savour each bite

I would read books in bed until 11am

drinking expensive tea and dark chocolate


Sometimes, its  buying that ludicrously expensive kimono

because of how it makes you feel

Or saving up for the holiday (or spending a mortgage worth of money on a holiday)

Or calling that man you so desperately want to love

Or having the conversation with your friend about boundaries


Choosing yourself over others is not selfish

It is self preservation

Its saying no to social events because you’re on day 1 of your cycle

It is allowing yourself to feel ANGRY



disappointed. Sometimes at the same time


Sometimes when I choose me, it looks like vegging out with netflix and procrastinating.


But it can also mean going through with it

Whether that be the business you've always wanted to start

The phone call you want to make

The conversation you need to have


Choosing you means to eat foods that align with your beliefs, desires, and needs

taking a mental health day


It means to love fiercely and openly, and acknowledging the desire to be loved fiercely in return


When I choose you, chicken-ing  out is not an option

Guilt only indicates initial discomfort you feel for choosing you over someone else


Choosing you first isn't easy

Often it is the hardest path


And sometimes putting yourself first means to put others before you.


But know that it will ALWAYS lead you closer to your truth

Your souls' yearning

Your life purpose


Where are you choosing you?